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We are aware of the problems when receiving health care service in another country and a foreign culture. For this reason in order to make our patients to feel themselves always “at home” and they are never alone, we accompany them at every stage of their treatments. With “Treat in Turkey” we assure you to live a secure medical travel without stress. Which ever part of the world you are, we are always together with you when ever you have any health need We search and think and find the best at the most feasible price and follow up your health process until you leave the country instead of you. With our experienced and expert cadres we are in your service with our contracted hospitals in every part of Turkey. 1.Surgery Planning Process You can reach “Treat in Turkey” over our web site or via our representatives in your country. The information you would provide will constitute a basis in the surgery planning process. If you will have the opportunity to arrive during the operation planning process, we would be glad to plan the surgery process together with you. Our physicians examine you and they constitute your treatment plan by making the examinations they see as necessary. Do not be sorry if you cannot be able to come during the planning process. The documents which you deliver about your health trouble shall be examined by the expert physicians of the related branch and your treatment plan shall be constituted and shared with you. Your date of arrival and operation are determined. Your airplane tickets are bought either by you or by “TREAT in TURKEY” pursuant to your demand. 2. Arrival to Turkey We pick you from the airport and according to the situation we make you to settle either in your hotel or your hospital. 3. Operation process If you lived in hotel before the surgery we pick you from your hotel and bring to the hospital on the date of operation. On the operation day all your operation process shall be followed up with the “Treat in Turkey” team. We shall be together with you also during the duration of your stay in the hospital after the surgery. 4. Departure from Turkey Your departure from the hospital at the planned discharge date shall be ensured. Before abandoning the hospital we inform you about your control appointments and the after surgery care plan. We also ensure your transport from the hospital to the airport.

Who are we? “TREAT in TURKEY” which has its headquarters in Istanbul/Turkey is international health tourism and counselling firm which commits to provide the highest standards in medical treatment in Turkey by uniting the most efficient treatment method and the lowest cost options. To our patients who come from every part of the world for medical treatment, we provide:

Comfortable travel and accommodation at feasible costs
Transfers from the airport to the hospital and from the hospital to the hotel
Patient specific treatment plans
Opportunity to receive treatment from the JCI certificated hospitals leading in the areas of
Medical care and services in entire Turkey
Medical device tracts with the latest technology
Expert physician cadre in their areas
“TREAT in TURKEY” assistant who follow up the entire treatment process together with you

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