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Surgical methods are remarkably useful in cases with medically intractable Parkinson’s disease. These procedures have high efficiency and low morbidity, when they are performed in the experienced centers. There are two surgical basic stereotactic methods in the management of the disease:

(1) lesioning (unilateral thalamotomy or pallidotomy with radiofrequency);
(2) neurostimulation. These procedures are performed on the several deep brain structures: the subthalamic nucleus (STN), the pallidum (internal-posterior part) and thalamus (nucleus ventrointermedius).
Thalamotomy and pallidotomy are usually performed unilaterally. Thalamotomy is indicated in cases mainly suffering from tremor; on the other hand, pallidotomy in cases with drug induced diskinesias dominantly. Bilateral STN neurostimulation has recently become the most prominent surgical method in the control of the cardinal parkinsonian symptoms, e.g., bradikinesia. In this article, we summarize the surgical techniques and our results of 552 cases with movement disorders including Parkinson’s disease, who underwent surgical procedures in the last 45 years.

Health and juvenility are high emphasized, as evidence by recent trends in globalizing world. Hair transplantation is available in Istanbul and other cities of Turkey under supervision of specialists and their expert teams at hospitals and Aesthetic Surgery Groups, which take into consideration those recent trends and closely monitor medial infrastructure worldwide.

Introduced by Dr. Rassman and Dr. Brenstein in 2002, FUE, a hair transplantation method, is preferentially used worldwide. For FUE method, hair follicles are harvested from non-hair loss segments without incision scar and they are transferred to hair loss segments without need to suture.

Hair transplantation method is available not only for men but also for women and recovery period is notably short.

The medical discipline that deals with diagnostics, treatment and the prevention of diseases in the excretory system and male genitalia, has achieved a very high standard in Turkey.

In recent years, minimally invasive surgical methods – endoscopic treatment procedures – have been expanded and improved and the number of classic open surgeries has been reduced. Today, more than 90% of urology surgeries are performed using endoscopic equipment.

Apart from urology specialists, male patients have the possibility of asking specialists in andrology for help in also diagnosing male fertility disorders, one of the most frequent problems today, and subsequently choose the most suitable therapy.

Turkey’s first organ transplantation took place in 1969. The transplantation infrastructure now offers a successfull therapy for end stage organ failure.

Organ transplant for liver and kidney cases are frequently performed from live donor. Liver, bone, pancreas and stem cell transplantation are the leading expertise of Turkish surgeons. The high-end infrastructure provides an update and comprehensive exercise of the latest transplantation developments in the fields of experimental and clinical tissue and organ transplantation along with recent social and ethical dimensions that impact the field.

The 9th meeting of the Turkish Transplantation Society took place mid-2007 gathering distinguished faculty from around the world. Situmulating intellectual exchanges on the current state of research, new technics and new insights as well as suggestions for future directions of the treatment.

Neurological expertise of Turkish hospitals is becoming a center of reference in the areas of adult and pediatric neurosurgery.This call diseases and dejenrative spinal disorders, vascular diseases of brain and spinal cort, neurooncology, neuro-endoscopy and hydrocephalus treatment, functional neurosurgery, peripheral nerve surgery are performed with a multidisciplinary approach assisted with multidisciplinary teams.

All three kinds of epileptic surgery (resective surgery, disconnection surgery and vagal nerve stimulation) are performed successfully in Turkey.Some of the private leading hospitals have become a referral center for gamma knife and cyberknife technology. Also the first operation theater in the world with an internal ‘3 tesla MRI’ in Istanbul provides the physician and therefore the patients higher security in the reduction of the tumors.

With its complex and expensive treatment the heart is the leading health concern of the modern world.Yet one of the strongest areas of Turkish Healthcare is cardiac treatment. Cardiology services starting from diagnosing, examining, intervention, intensive care and rehabilitation are served with enhanced levels of know-how and state of the art technology.

A broad range of pediatric and adult cardiac surgeries are performed by world class Turkish surgeons.Coronery angioplasty and stent cases, by-pass surgeries are offered non-invasive high tech diagnosing procedures like electro cardiography, ecocardiography, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). With 2×64 CT scans instant diagnosis of the heart is possible with a high quality outcome compared with angiography and conventional diagnostic modalities. Cardiovascular surgeries performed last year exceeds 10.000 cases as well as 30.000 cases of all kinds of interventional cardiology in the leading accredited hospitals. Complex coronary by-pass surgeries can be performed with the help of impella micropump device on beating heart in Turkey since 2008. First Turkish cardiac pump “Heart Turcica” and biodegradable drug eluding coronary stands were also developed and being tested in high tech Turkish research centers.

Another strength of Turkish Healthcare is the treatment of a wide range of orthopedic diseases and musculoskeletal impairments.Turkish hospitals have specialized branches in Orthopedics Traumatology with physicians that are equipped with numerous subspecializations in multiple fields including musculoskeletal oncology and transplantation. All procedures are successfully complemented wirh after surgery rehabilitation.

Turkish physicians and therapists in orthopedic units are internationally recognized for their expertise especially in the management of athletic injuries.The strength comes from the subspecialization of the physicians in the field of Orthopedy and traumatology such as pediatric, spiral, shoulder, knee, hip, feet, microsurgery and hand injuries. Free vascularized Fibula Grafting for Extensive Knee Osteonecrosis can be performed in Turkey. It is a new treatment of the Knee Osteonecrosis.

The anatomy and the function of the eye, ophthalmology, requires utmost expertise.Ophthalmology departments of Turkish Healthcare units occupy advanced technology and treatment performing a broad range of eye operations with precision.

The treatment procedures are supplied in all sub-branches by specialist physicians employing the newest technology and international quality standards.In cases where laser may not appropriate, other surgical technics such as “fakik iol” (FAKO) and “intacts” are performed. Medical and surgical treatment of glaucoma, cornea and retina are repeatedly performed across Turkey’s JCI accredited hospitals. Lasik surgeries have been an attraction point for international patients for a long time in the region due to its low complications and prices compared with the western medical institutions.

Turkish hospitals can offer a wide range of genetic tests in top notch facilites.Besides clinical sample testing, there is also advanced research activities, such as gene therapy in malignant tumors and gene therapy in prevention of adverse effects experienced in organ transplantation, in these facilities.

Dentistry services offered in Turkey is compatible with international standards regarding both technological and scientific aspects.

Considering problems faced by European healthcare sector, request to meet therapeutic needs at countries, where healthcare costs are relatively low, is gradually increasing. Those therapies are offered at our country under the concept “medial tourism”, and we are certainly aware that the organization should be perfect. Turkey is on the way to be leader of the sector in Dentistry tourism, which requires serious education, training and care.

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