Anyone planning to come to Turkey to receive medical services gets free consultancy service from the provision center of the insurance firm under the supervision of Holiday For Health. Free consultancy Form (Application Form)

As a result of the assessment of the application form, the most suitable of more than a thousand hospitals, clinics, doctors, pharmacies and diagnosis centres providing service within the body of the insurance firm, is recommended for the patient. Health Centers

All the patients coming to Turkey are insured with Emergency Health Insurance. This way, they are safe against unexpected events like accidents, injury, theft, natural disasters, fire etc. apart from the health service they receive.

Briefly, all the patients coming to Turkey receive the most suitable health service with best price and quality quarantee from all the health centers in Turkey within the scope of the insurance company because this international insurance firm is responsible for the service and the quality of the doctor, hospital and the health center to give you the service .

As a consequence, all services are assured internationally to be of the best quality and with the best prices .

USA Citizens to receive health sevices in Turkey can use the insurance of their firm or other insurance companies. Please use the links below for more information.

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