Air Ambulance

When given the alarm, the aircraft and team which is in the nearest point in the country for the patient get ready and step up to the plate. Although this time may vary according to seasonal conditions, the average varies between 35-55 minutes. In winter conditions, the waiting time of meteorological data increases. Depending on the patient’s condition, weather condition and geographical location types of aircraft is regulated by the technical team of experts and accordingly planned to transport. Air fields; the domestic civilian and military squares during the day and at night, are used with an emergency special permissions. In very urgent situations, in non-airport cities a special type of camper ambulance aircrafts can make an emergency land. Despite all, if the transport with ground ambulance is required, the patient is transported with fully equipped vehicles accompanied by the medical team. Air ambulance service starts with your calling our alarm centers which is open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Our services are domestic and international. If there is an air port in the center where the patient is, with an air ambulance, the patient is taken from the center where he is and sent to the desired center, if there is not, he is sent with a helicopter ambulance.

For the patient to be taken to hospital from the airport, from the airport to wherever the patient needs to be taken at arrival point such as the city center, a fully equipped ambulance organization is carried out by our team. Transfers are carried out in what is called BED-BED form which is regardless of the clinical condition of the patient, the patient will be taken from the transfer point to the city center by our team of experts. Air plane medical materials are included in the fixed and portable medical apparatus. The purpose of this is in case the patient’s hospital medical device hardware is missing at the destination, land ambulance will ensure the continuation of the intensive care unit.

Transport team
Doctor (emergency expert or specialist in anesthesia, intensive care), also includes intensive care nurse or anesthesia technicians. According to the medical condition of the patient, in addition to the team of doctors, doctor of the related field (cardiology, pediatrics, etc.) may be able to accompany the flight. The formation of the team is decided according to the results of consultation with the patients’ primary clinic. Ambulance air craft is treated like intensive care unit medical intervention point, in order to allow sufficient conditions. Screened area is divided into the cockpit. According to the type of aircraft, the cockpit area can allow for there to be 1-2 of the patients relatives accompanying the patient during the flight.

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