Treatment Services

Treatment of Parkinson’s disease

Surgical methods are remarkably useful in cases with medically intractable Parkinson’s disease.

Hair Transplantation

Health and juvenility are high emphasized, as evidence by recent trends in globalizing world. Hair transplantation is available in Istanbul and other cities of Turkey under supervision of...


The medical discipline that deals with diagnostics, treatment and the prevention of diseases in the excretory system and male genitalia, has achieved a very high standard in Turkey.


Turkey’s first organ transplantation took place in 1969. The transplantation infrastructure now offers a successfull therapy for end stage organ failure.

Dental Services

Dentistry services offered in Turkey is compatible with international standards regarding both technological and scientific aspects.



How to Contact Us

You may contact “Treat in Turkey” through our representatives in your country, by calling our patient relationship expert or through our web site.

Treatment Planning Process

If patients are able to come during the operation planning process, we will be pleased to plan the operation process together with them.

Arrival and Accommodation in Turkey

Plane tickets are supplied either by patients or “Treat in Turkey”, depending on patients’ choice.

Treatment Process

The treatment is made in hospitals with JCI certificate, each having high end medical device tracks and a team of specialized doctors.

Departure from Turkey

We make the necessary organizations for patients’ departure from the hospital on the day of patients’ planned discharge.

After the Treatment

Patients may contact us any time after they return back to your country for post-treatment support.


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