You may contact “Treat in Turkey” through our representatives in your country, by calling our patient relationship expert or through our web site.

If patients are able to come during the operation planning process, we will be pleased to plan the operation process together with them. But it is not an issue if they cannot make it.The information patients convey and the documents patient send us about the medical problem will be sufficient for developing the treatment plans.Treatment plans specific to the patient are developed by our advisory board which is composed of specialized doctors. If there appears to be more than one alternative, we will contact patient and make the decision jointly.Patients can have a quick access to the best physicians and medical evaluation of such physicians who specialize in the treatment of their disease. Condition of the patients evaluated and feedback is given within 24 hours.Patients can access and compare any information of all centers where their treatment can be medically performed.Patients can be informed and make a comparison of all the medical technologies which can be used in the treatment.Patients can have an access to all price options for their treatment, and make a comparison of the alternatives.

Plane tickets are supplied either by patients or “Treat in Turkey”, depending on patients’ choice.If patient health condition does not allow for a normal flight, we can pick patient up from where patient is with airplane ambulance.If patient need to stay in a hotel before the treatment starts, hotel reservations are made either by patient or “Treat in Turkey”, depending on patient’s choice. We pick you up from the airport and make sure you arrive at the hotel or hospital that you will be staying, depending on the situation.A mobile phone and a mobile line are given to the patient during the treatment process to contact with “TREAT İN TURKEY” team and his/her relatives.

The treatment is made in hospitals with JCI certificate, each having high end medical device tracks and a team of specialized doctors.If patients stayed the night before the surgery in a hotel, we pick patients up from hotel and transport to the hospital on the day of the operation.Patients do not encounter a language problem with “Treat in Turkey” assistant who follows the whole treatment process along with patients. We accompany patients at all stages in the treatment on a 24/7 basis.Each stage of your treatment is followed by the “Treat in Turkey” physicians.

We make the necessary organizations for patients’ departure from the hospital on the day of patients’ planned discharge.We inform patients about the control appointments and post-operative care plan before they leave the hospital.We arrange patients’ transportation to the airport.If desired we organize touristic trips to show cultural and natural beauties of Turkey.

Patients may contact us any time after they return back to your country for post-treatment support. Our offices and customer representatives in their country will be please to help them in this matter.You do not have to make a search for hospitals, treatment and price options your patients. We do all the research for you and offer you alternative options.Meeting patients in Turkey and their accommodation and treatment follow-ups are carried out by a team of “Treat in Turkey” and you are informed regularly.

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