Esencan Hospital

Admitting patients since 2013, Esencan Hospital serves patients by 410 personnel on an area of 14.759m2 with a capacity of 108 beds and the hospital has adult and newborn intensive care units, 4 operating theatres, modern delivery room, biochemistry and microbiology laboratories, medical cosmetic and radiology units as well as round-the-clock emergency medicine and ambulance services. At our hospital where 30 outpatient clinic offices are available, following examinations are done: bone densitometry, endoscopy, audiology, EEG, EMG, digital mammography, digital X-ray, fluoroscopy, ultrasound, four-dimensional color Doppler, GE (full system 1.5 Tesla MRI device), and 64-slice total body computerized tomography (with coronary angiography).

Moreover, following units and equipment are available in our hospital:
• Adult intensive care unit with 28 beds,
• Neonatal intensive care unit with 26 incubators,
• Detached gynecology and obstetrics outpatient clinic,
• Detached neonatal intensive care unit,
• Delivery room, gynecology and obstetrics service,
• Fully equipped physiotherapy and rehabilitation unit,
• A conference hall with 132 seats, modern infrastructure, DJ room and simultaneous interpreting room and the technical equipment that allows organizing international conferences, seminars and trainings on endoscopic diagnostic surgery,
• Heliport,
• Four operating theaters with LED technology ceiling lighting system equipped with a camcorder at international standards (technological means are available for advanced operations in fields of neurosurgery and cardiovascular surgery),
• Pneumatic tube system for the automatic transfer of assay tubes between units and departments,
• The state-of-the-art central sterilization unit,
• Closed and open parking lot,
• Valet parking


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